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BULMARKET OFFICE CENTRE is located in the East Industrial Zone of the town of Ruse, on the border between Bulgaria and Romania.



- road
- railway
- river
- air

- GKPP „Danube bridge” - 5 км
(Border controlling examination post)
- Ruse - 7 км
- Giurgiu - 15 км
- Bucharest - 72 км

Survey of the town of Ruse

Ruse has deep historical descents, cultural and economic history.

Today the town of Ruse is an important national transport, communicational and trading centre with the situated on its territory border stations on the river Danube and in Free Duty-free zone. The bridge of the river Danube between Bulgaria and Romania, in the region of the town of Ruse and the town of Giurgiu, “gets nearer” still more to the Romanian capital Bucharest to 72 kilometers and lets through Ruse trains for Bucharest, Kiev, Moscow, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, for Sofia, Varna, Burgas.

From north towards the town are gathered together several important roads: Budapest - Brasov – Bucharest - Ruse, Warsaw - Lvov - Bucharest - Ruse and Moscow - Kiev - Bucharest - Ruse – Sofia and from there towards Macedonia and Albania.

At the present moment the passing of the river Danube with an automobile and railway transport in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula is realized solely via “Danube Bridge”. The whole national and transit railway traffic to/from Central, North and Eastern Europe passes through the town. This also refers to a considerable part of the automobile traffic and the water transport.

The town of Ruse is a point of intersection of several of the biggest European transport corridors, and namely:

  • Transport corridor Nо7 - Main - Rhein – Danube;
  • Transport corridor Nо4 - Berlin - Prague - Bratislava - Budapest - Bucharest - Ruse - Thessaloniki/Istanbul – the near East;
  • Transport corridor Nо9 - Helsinki – Kiev/Moscow - Odessa/Kishinev - Bucharest - Rouse - Plovdiv - Thessaloniki/Istanbul;
  • Transport corridor Nо8 – Duras - Tirana - Skopje - Sofia - Ruse/Varna/Burgas – CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and other countries from the Black sea basin.

Strong points

  • Multi-structural, well balanced economics
  • Stable growth of the industrial sector and the export
  • An University with good traditions
  • Favourable geographic location: on the river Danube and in proximity to over 2 million market of Bucharest city, Romania
  • Developed transport infrastructure
  • Availability of competitive advantages regarding the production of articles specific for the country (river-sea vessels, industrial oils, paints and varnishes)
  • Availability of well developed and supporting the business infrastructure – non-economic business associations, financial sector, consulting companies
  • Highly qualified specialists in the production
  • Good correlation price/quality for approximately 500 groups of leading products in the export
  • Predominating private ownership at the leading producers/exporters
  • Considerable research potential in the University with a high qualification

* According an investment profile of Municipal Administration - Ruse

Regional economics

The economics of Ruse district has a relatively balanced specialized composition, which is close to the national specialized distribution. This presumes a stable rate of development, which is similar as a rate with the national one.

The regional economics enters in a period of growth. The indications for this come from the data for the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita of the population and the investments.

As a main motive power of the growth emerges the industrial sector. The strengthened dynamics of the sector is due to a re-orientation of the markets from internal to external. A main motive power of the growing volume of produced gross production is the growing export. The number of companies with net sales incomes over 8 million leva for the year 2006 in Ruse Municipality is 62 or 3.1 % from the leading 2 000 corporative companies in Bulgaria. This concentration is two times bigger than the average one for the country.

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  • Stimulating the establishment of clusters and chains by suppliers
  • Trans-border cooperation with Romania and entering of Rouse business at the Romanian market
  • Completing of the restructuring of fields, which are presently a state monopoly (energetics, transportation, and telecommunications)
  • Attracting of strategic investors having interests especially towards the Romanian market
  • Establishment of connections and durable cooperation with economically strong foreign regions
  • Assimilating of the idle production capacities in the assets of the company – areas, buildings, technical infrastructure
  • Building of new industrial zones – on the basis of the Free-duty zone, The Combine for heavy machine-building and other terrains in the municipalities
  • Building of a highly technological park on the basis of Rouse University
  • Development of the food and tobacco industries and the processing industry as one of the perspective fields of the district economics, having a high export potential, on the basis of local raw materials and closing of the cycle agricultural production-final product. Production of ecologically clean output
  • Active collaboration and co-operation with leading world companies
  • Re-structuring and increasing of the production and the export of science volume commodities/ services and such with a high added value
  • Tendency towards growing of the number of the university students dealing with innovations
  • The development of the information technologies and the information society as a priority in Bulgaria
  • Possibilities for assimilation of innovative ecologically conformable technologies and productions
  • Access to programs of the European Union for scientific investigations and technological development
  • The approval of a law for the encouraging of the scientific investments and the establishment of adequate structures at regional level.

* According an investment profile of Municipal Administration - Ruse

The simultaneous membership of Bulgaria and Romania in the European Union gives a strong impetus to the regional economics. A lot of companies choose Ruse, as an appropriate place for “attacking” of the Bucharest market. The strengthened investments and the building of the market strategies including Romania give good advantages to Ruse.