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BULMARKET OFFICE CENTER is ownership of “Bulmarket DM” Ltd., a company with an entirely private capital, registered in the year 1996. The company is a main associate in several daughter companies, with which it forms the group “BULMARKET”.

Main data for the activity of the group in the particular directions:

1. Liquefied gas propane-butane LPG

  • Leader positions in the LPG activity in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe from over 10 years;
  • The largest LPG distribution in Bulgaria with a market share of 25 per cent in 2004 and 2005;
  • In 2006 the group launched an extension of the activity towards the neighboring countries Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania and Albania, which transformed it in one of the most important LPG undertakings.

2. Railway transport

  • First private railway undertaking since May 2004;
  • Since October 2005 the company is licensed as a national railway undertaking and since 2007 the same possesses European License for practicing of such transportation. The company possesses 6 electric and 5 diesel locomotives and about 300 wagons.

3. Mineral fuels

    BULMARKET owns:

  • Terminal-storage in the town of Biala with a capacity of 10 000 cubic meters licenses for blending of mineral oils with bio diesel, storing of mineral oils and LPG;
  • 50 own railway tank cars and specialized automobiles;
  • Specialized port for mineral oils and bio diesel in Rouse.

4. Compressed natural gas

Since 2002 the company is a partner of “Dresser Wayne Pignone”. Up to the present BULMARKET has imported and installed 16 compressor stations for compressing of natural gas, as well as 30 modules for refueling of automobiles. The company possesses an own network of gas-refueling stations – in Rouse, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Sevlievo, Lovech, Sofia.

Since 2004 the company delivers compressed natural gas to industrial consumers.

5. Port activity

BULMARKET owns a private port with six piers situated on the river Danube with an area of 10 hectares, including five piers for general cargoes and three portal cranes. Besides it owns a specialized zone for grain cargoes equipped with a vacuum pump and a petrol terminal, specialized rear equipment for handling of bulk cargoes and metals. After port Regensburg, port “Bulmarket” is the port with the largest storehouse areas – over 30 000 sq. meters, equipped with four bridge cranes in exploitation and silos – 15 000 cubic meters.


6. Production of vegetable oils and bio diesel

BULMARKET possesses an own high-technological enterprise for production of bio diesel - “Astra Bioplant” Ltd., situated 20 kilometers away from the town of Rouse and 9 kilometers away from its own port. The capacity of the plant is 60 000 tones bio diesel per year. The used raw materials are – sunflower, soya and rapeseed. The bio diesel is obtained via etherification of the obtained vegetable oil with methanol, at which as a by-product glycerin is given off. With the purpose of control of the raw materials and the production, the plant is equipped with a modern certified laboratory.


7. Trade with agricultural production

BULMARKET possesses an own enterprise for trade with agricultural production - “Astra Finance” Ltd., with a main activity – ensuring of cheap raw material for bio diesel production in the necessary quantities. Only for the year 2008 the company purchased 50 000 tones sunflower and rapeseed.